What We Do

We hold awareness, social and fundraising events to educate the community about the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and ways to help.

Medical Aid

SAF in partnership with Medwish Foundation, sent two medical containers to Bab Al Hawa Hospital and other hospital supported by UOSSM International

SAF is a member of International Union Of Care and Relief Organization, UOSSM UOSSMwhich provides¬†medical aid and support to “Saving Lives” and to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable people and communities affected by crisis whenever it happens, preserving a life of dignity and restoring capacity of choice, SAF contributes in many ways to its Medical Relief work in addition to its fundraising and in-kind donations.

As a member of UOSSM International, SAF has been providing an integral HR support to UOSSM international, through the volunteering efforts of several of its Members:

Types of Support Provided by SAF Members:

  • A SAF member voluntarily served as director of UOSSM Turkish office at the border of Syria for more than 18 months
  • Providing promotional and administrative support as needed
  • IT Technical expertise: creating electronic medical records for trauma hospitals to help assess work load and guide the distribution of support
  • Funding to support UOSSM projects
  • In 2013, SAF contributed $120,000 towrads estblishment of both UOSSM Medical Training Center at Bab Al Hawa and Bab Al Hawa Hospital Kitchen, as well as, covering 2 months worth of operational cost at Bab Al Hawa Hospital, (an affiliate hospital inside Syria)
  • In 2014, SAF with the support of local community contributed $11,000 toward the procurement of a high-capacity blood bank refreigetor at the Blood Bank at Bab Al Hawa Hospital.
  • In 2014 , SAF contributed close to $60,000, towards supporting UOSSM central operational costs in medical aid delivery
  • In 2014 and early 2015, a couple of SAF members provided support to the Cardiology Specialty Clinic at UOSSM Rehaynli Rehabilitation Center, through the provision of an Echo-cardiogram and the support of the Cardiologist Specialist at the center

Non Medical AID:

  • SAF has setup a local storage facility to sort through commSAF Container distributionunity donations of clothes, shoes, blankets, winter gear, toys, school, personal hygiene and other supplies and deliver them to the displaced people inside Syria.
  • Over 144 Tons of Medical equipment, clothing, shoes, toys & school-supplies were delivered by SAF via it’s partners inside Syria